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Managing in a Deflationary Economy – A View From Malaysia

Today’s economic news features descriptions of our stalled economy, punctuated by concerns that we may slip into deflation. Most U.S. managers have not had direct experience with managing in a deflationary economy. This economic environment creates extraordinary challenges and requires … read on

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A Malaysian Perspective on Managing Mergers

One of the great pleasures of writing this blog is the opportunity to stay in touch with friends and former students. I received a nice note from Tenglum Low, who is a top executive in Malaysia. Tenglum took my course … read on

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Why Do Mergers and Reorganizations Fail?

I’ll always remember the immortal words of Murray Smyth, at the time CFO of one of the largest subsidiaries of a major distribution and manufacturing company, “If we haven’t reorganized in the last six months, it’s because someone missed a … read on

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