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Great Summer Reading

Here are four terrific books that you might enjoy this summer. One is an enduring classic of nature writing. Two are great management books that are not technically about management. And the fourth is a very interesting brief overview of … read on

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New Article – Best Practices: Leading Profitability Turnaround

I recently wrote an article for American Executive, “Best Practices: Leading Profitability Turnaround”. I hope you find it helpful.

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Top Ten Reasons for NOT Managing Profitability

Today, our persistently weak economy is driving small businesses into two camps: the few that are growing fast, and the many that are struggling. For most, staying in place is sliding toward failure. Effective profitability management makes all the difference. … read on

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Stumbling on Customer Service

Some of the most useful books for business aren’t about business at all. Recently, I read a terrific book that is extremely readable and very relevant to business, Stumbling on Happiness, by Daniel Gilbert. Gilbert is a professor of psychology … read on

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Demand Management Disney Style

Many companies simply assume the seemingly obvious proposition that, to put it simply, demand is demand and their responsibility is to gear their operations to meet that demand. Certainly, most managers utilize advertising and specials to create demand and promote … read on

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The Myth of the Operations Hero

Did you hear about the railroad operations manager who stayed up all night in a snowstorm helping right a derailed boxcar so the train could get through on time? If you were running the railroad, what would you do – … read on

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The Missing Element in Large-scale Change

Large-scale change. Most managers view it as the ultimate management challenge. I remember when I wrote my Harvard Business School Working Knowledge column, “The Challenges of Paradigmatic Change.” The column went out on the Web on a Monday morning, and … read on

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